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The Solution For A Busy Mum Who Wants To Give Her Child The Best Themed Birthday Party!
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We understand that raising kids, working a job, and balancing the rest of your life is a hefty full-time job in itself! Giving your child an incredible birthday party shouldn’t be a chore, but something to look forward to. And not just any regular old party will do...

Hiring a company that would put in as much effort as you put into your career, your home, your child, and your husband would not only save you time from having to come up with your own entertainment, but would ensure that your guests have an unforgettable party experience!

That’s why we created Spy Birthday. One of the hottest themes for today’s kids parties, a spy-themed event will be sure to wow your guests – both kids and adults! Our company takes care of everything from professional entertainers, custom invitations, ‘secret agent’ gadgets, themed goodie bags, and so much more.

We Will Send You Our Free, Spy-Themed Invitations By Mail

You’ll receive our colour-printed invitations in your mailbox. All you have to do is fill in the blanks, and have your child pass them out to the other kids!

Sit Back And Relax As We Entertain Your Guests With A Thrilling 2 Hour Spy Mission

Your child and guests will become team leaders in numerous spy-related team games, and will get to use top secret spy gadgets. They’ll feel like 007, Mi7, and spies in all of their favorite action movies!

  • Test each other using our own, custom built lie detector. (We often get mothers trying to buy one from us!)
  • How to send secret messages… through morse code!
  • How to overcome an electro shock!
  • How to train yourself to remember almost anything… instantly! (works great in the classroom too!)
  • How to use a laser, and other espionage-related spy gadgets!

Everyone Will Get A Secret Agent ID

Each guest will receive a laminated Secret Agent ID with their photo and name.
You’ll find your kid bragging to all of his friends at school the next day as he shows off his cool new ID!

Thank Your Guests For Coming With Pre-Prepared Spy-Themed Goodie Bags

Don’t let your guests forget what a wonderful time they had at your party by giving each of them a goodie bag they can play with for days after.

  • Secret Agent Passport with visas, stamps, and room for their photo and name.
  • 3D Paper Glasses.
  • Small book, “How To Become A Real Spy”
  • Helicopter balloon toy
  • Morse Code Alphabet Card
  • Spy-themed bag, with room to add any extra fruits, or sweets, you’d like for your guests

Only £3 per bag, for all items

Put Your Worries To Rest With Our Professional Entertainers And Management

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Spy Birthday works hard to ensure our events are of the highest quality. After each party, we send a questionnaire to our customers that allows them to rate our performance.

Why Choose Us?

  • Pre-made, colour-printed invitations mailed to your home For free
  • Entertainer(s) will come to you (inside M25 ring) For free
  • Flexible date change (one time) For free
  • Full-Deposit Refund (if more than 30 days left before the party) For free
  • 100% Happiness-Guarantee *
  • Our attentive management team works with you to accommodate any needs you might have regarding your party

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